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BNI Chapters cannot contain more than one member from any one industry. This is to avoid potential confusion and conflict within the chapter. There can be quite a bit of competition for a space at a BNI Chapter, particularly in the Berkshire area, so we always advise to visit a group straight away, if you like what you see and you think its a viable way of generating more business, then put in an application to join, and lock out your competition from that chapter.

When it comes to 'rival' chapters, there is no 'them and us'  mentality. BNI is built on relationships, cooperation and referrals. If your space is taken at your closest chapter, you can still attend a meeting there, although you wont be able to actively promote your business. That priviledge is reserved for the member that is from your business sector. If, after the meeting, you then feel you want a piece of the action, the chapter you visited will work with regional BNI directors in order to get you into a chapter.

If you want to find a chapter in the Berkshire area that does not already have a member from your industry, use the search tool below:

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